The adventures of Bolly at Blackthorpe Barn:

Woof Woof!

Hallo there. My name is Bolly. I’m a Cavapoo which makes me very special. My mum is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and my dad is a miniature Poodle. I live with my masters who run a funny old thatched building called Blackthorpe Barn. I’m not allowed into the Barn itself, which I think is most unreasonable, but my masters think that I will break things, trip people up and wee on the floor. I suppose they have a point but I am very good about not weeing on the floor. Even though I’m not allowed inside I love going to Blackthorpe Barn as there are lots of lovely walks round there that we all go on when we visit, so I don’t get too bored sitting in the car. I want to tell you about these walks from my viewpoint so you can understand what fun they are.

Please remember these walks are only available when we have events on at Blackthorpe Barn.

Dog Walk 1 :: (30 minutes)

Where Bolly goes to the big wood

This walk takes us about 30 minutes and I like it a lot. We meet other dogs, which is always exciting and there are masses of trees for me to sniff and cock my leg up against. Yes, if you were wondering, I am a boy dog and I have just learned to lift my leg. It makes me feel very grown up. When we get to the big wood the path goes round in a big loop, so sometimes we go one way round and sometimes we go the other way. If fact if you keep going round and round you would get very dizzy and might have to sit down.

We always start this walk at the Barn. We go down the fenced off path that leads to the main car parks and turn right when we get to the concrete road. We then walk through the car parks straight along the road. My masters are always very careful to make sure that I don’t get run over by cars that may not have seen me. I’m not very big yet, but I make up for it with lots of jumping and barking which I am sure everyone else enjoys just as much as I do. When we have reached the edge of the car park you can see the start of the wood on the right. Just after it starts there is a footpath going into the wood which is the way we usually go in. There is a post with a map which I like to cock my leg up against if I am feeling naughty. Other dogs do it too so its always got lots of interesting smells and I know who has been about recently and who else is naughty too.

Dog Walk 2 :: (10 minutes)

Where Bolly meets the goats and my masters have a cup of tea

This walk is quite short but it is one of my favourites as we visit some goats that are about the same size as me. They are quite smelly but I like that sort of thing so I think that it is wonderful. After visiting the goats my masters like to go to the big house where they can get a cup tea and cake and sit outside with me in the garden. If I am very good sometimes I am given a tiny piece of cake. This is lovely. Yum, yum! Only dogs that are staying at the Ravenwood Hotel with their masters are allowed in but we have a lovely time outside anyway and we can see the goats again on the way back, so I look forward to that.

To do this walk we set off from the Barn and turn left when we reach the concrete road. We walk up the avenue of lime and oak trees. They often have exciting birds in them so I always watch out as we walk along. We also have to watch out for traffic so I am always on my short lead for this but. After a little while a path crosses the road we are on. This is where we turn right and the real fun begins. After a little while I am able to see some sheds with fencing round and then I can smell the most wonderful smell of goats. My favourite is the boy goat which my masters call Billy. He has got the best smell but the girls smell quite nice too. They usually all come out to say hallo and then we can have a little chat about doggy and goaty things. We all like to eat funny smelling things that we find lying about and we like to have a good scratch too, so there is always lots to say.

After our goat visit we go on up to the big house which is a hotel and sit down and some nice ladies bring us the tea and cake. I sit under the table and try to look grown up and important like a hotel dog, but sometimes I see something exciting and just want to rush off, but unfortunately my masters will always keep me on my lead so that I cannot chase things properly. Still the cake and the goats make up for that. When we have finished the cake we go home, back to Blackthorpe Barn's car park, past my friends the goats who always want to know if I got any cake, it makes them so jealous!

Dog Walk 3 :: (90 minutes)

Bolly and the Great Big Circular Walk

This is my favourite walk of all as it is very long and I see and smell lots of things. Sometimes I do get a bit tired but it is very exciting which makes up for it. I also like the fact that we hardly go on a road at all as I hate cars unless I am going for a ride in one. We go through the big wood, along some hedgerows, filled with birds and rabbits that I am not allowed to chase. We go past a church and a school where I am absolutely not allowed to do a poo, so I have to be very careful. Then we get to the ponds where I can see frogs and other exciting things. I want to jump in, because I love everything to do with water. Sometimes I am allowed to get a bit muddy but usually I have to make do with talking to the frogs. Do you speak frog? I can a bit, but it is a funny croaky sort of sound and some other dogs think that I have gone mad! Anyway they tell me all sorts of strange things about life in the pond such as where that lay their eggs and who else is living there. I love it when they jump. It makes a huge splash when they land and sometimes I get wet.  After the ponds we have to go down a short bit of road, where I have to be very careful and walk properly to heel. I can do it if I concentrate very hard. Then we go down some old green lanes where there are all sorts of exciting smells and sounds up in the trees. I often meet other dogs here, which is wonderful. There is no traffic so we can jump about and play together. Eventually after a long time, we get back to the start when the funny Barn is. I usually get a drink when I get back to the car as I am very thirsty by then. Then I want to go home and have my tea and dream about everything that I have seen.

To do Bolly’s Great Big Circular Walk allow 90 minutes. Set off from the Barn car park, turning right onto the concrete track and head for the big wood on the far side of the other car parks. Turn right into the wood and follow the path through the wood. There are some special signs with Bolly’s paw print to show you the way. When you reach the eastern end of the wood turn right and set off along the side of a field with a hedge on your left. When another path crosses at an angle turn left and follow this up towards Rougham Church which you can see with its tall tower. Walk through the church car park to far end. Cross the road carefully before entering the  church yard and walk right up to the church door. Turn right (west) and follow the path down to the end of the churchyard, through a gate and along the edge of the school playing field. Beyond this keep following the path in a straight line, until you pass a pond on your left. When you reach the hedge at the end, turn right and walk up to the other pond which will be on your right front. Keep on passing this pond on your right until you reach a small wood in front of you. Turn left here and walk the short distance up to the public road. Be very careful here. Turn right onto the public road and follow it for about 300 metres when you see a green lane heading off to the left. Cross the road with care and head off down this lane. This is a new section which joins up with a very ancient group of green lanes that have been here for thousands of years. Walk this new straight section until it meets the old lane. Continue along this until you find a lane heading off to the right by a large old oak tree. Turn right here and follow this next lane all the way until you reach some houses. The path joins the road by the houses at an angle. Continue in a virtually straight line down to the public road. Cross the road with care and join the footpath on the other side. Continue down this until it joins the Blackthorpe Barn avenue. Turn right down the avenue and right again into Blackthorpe Barn car park to complete the walk.

More walks to be discovered and added.

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