Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Country Christmas Shop open each day?
Yes it is open each day that ‘Christmas at Blackthorpe Barn’ is open from 9.30am to 5.30pm. We extend our hours on Festive Nights, only on Fridays from 22 November, til 7pm.

Do you sell Christmas lights?
Yes, we have a wide range of lights available from our special lighting shop.

Do you sell candles?
Yes, we sell many sorts of candles including scented candles, advent candles, church candles, dinner candles, beeswax candles, Christmas tree candles and many more.

What is your Make section?
Our Make section is the area where you can buy all sorts of things to help you make your own decorations.

What is your Bake section?
This is where we sell Christmassy food and other food and drink based items like tea towels, cookie cutters, bottle openers, nutcrackers etc.

Do you sell ribbons?
Yes, we sell a vast range of ribbons each year and this year we have expanded this further by selecting a range of all sorts of special luxury ribbons that can be used in many ways at Christmas to decorate the home, create decorations personalise gifts or clothing.

Do you sell gifts for men?
There are also some special items here for the man in your life. We offer grooming products made in Cumbria, multi tools, bottle openers and corkscrews.

Any gifts for furry friends?
Yes, we have a whole section of the shop devoted to dogs and cats. We have bow-ties and bandanas, Christmas decorations, mugs for humans and bowls for your furry friends.

Do you stock fair trade items?
Yes, throughout the shop you can find fair trade items, such as papier-mache baubles, glass baubles, woolly hats and scarves. We believe very strongly in supporting small communities in the third world that creates items suitable for our shop.