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Real Christmas Trees

These are some of the freshest real Christmas trees you can buy in the Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire area, grown on our own Rougham Estate plantation.

Our trees are grown within a mile of Blackthorpe Barn, and are cut within a few days of going on sale. The only “transporting” that happens to our trees is by you, as you take one home!

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Reasons to buy a locally-grown real tree
  • The trees are planted sustainably, not taken from existing woodlands
  • The trees are grown in fields, not made factories
  • It takes about 10 years for a 6t tree to grow; in those years the trees provide habitat for wildlife
  • The trees are pruned and nurtured throughout the year, supporting rural employment and the rural economy
  • For each tree harvested, a new one is planted – they are grown as a horticultural crop
  • Real trees are fully recyclable
  • Buying from a local tree grower means that the tree is freshly cut and has been transported a minimum distance
  • A real tree has the most delicious scent and feel

PYO Trees – Finished for 2023. See you in 2024!

Cut Trees, available to buy:

24 November – 22 December 2023
Open daily 9:30am – 5pm (4pm on Sundays)

Note: In November, only Nordmann Firs are available.
The outdoor tree sales area is behind the big Blackthorpe Barn. No booking required.

Pick Your Own Tree from the Plantation:

Finished for 2023 – Back in 2024
The weekends of 11 – 12 and 18 – 19 November 2023

9:30am – 4pm (last admission at 3.30pm)

Note: It is mostly Nordmann Firs which are available for the Pick-Your-Own
Find out more about picking your own tree from the plantation, and book online

Potted Trees

Available from 1 November 2023, daily 9.30am – 5pm (4pm on Sundays)
Please come along to the Barn and see our limited range of pot-grown trees that are available to buy and either pay at the tree till or in the Christmas shop.

Pot grown trees, Nordmann and Norway Spruce, and Albertiana Conica miniature trees are available.

Information on caring for your potted Christmas tree

A Christmas tree is a symbol of Christmas for so many people and at Blackthorpe Barn we sell some of the best trees that money can buy.

Our Christmas trees are grown on plantations around Blackthorpe Barn by Rougham Estate, which has been in the business for well over forty years and is now an acknowledged expert in the field. Come and choose your tree at Blackthorpe Barn where you can both see and smell how fresh they are, or choose your own on the plantation and have it cut just before you want to collect it.

Trees from the Rougham Estate are famous for their quality and longevity, having been carefully nurtured throughout the year. Thousands of new trees are planted each year on about 20 hectares of land. All the trees are cut fresh, within a few days of going on sale and within a mile of Blackthorpe Barn. Rougham Estate has been a holder of the ‘British Christmas Tree Grower of the Year’ award and has also supplied 10 Downing Street on numerous occasions.

Don’t forget to bring your gloves!
See our tips for caring for your cut tree below.

Nordmann Fir 

This is the most popular tree in Scandinavia and rapidly gaining in popularity here in the UK. As people put up their trees earlier and earlier, the need for needle retention gets more important. Nordmann Firs retain their needles better than other trees, so for many customers, this makes them a winner.

1.8-2.1m / 6-7ft  £45.50
2.1-2.4m / 7-8ft  £55.25
2.4-2.7m / 8-9ft  £69.00

Nordmann Fir trees will be on sale for the whole time period of selling Christmas trees, subject to availability.

Norway Spruce

These traditional Christmas trees have a really festive scent. We advise you not to bring them indoors too soon, and they will require watering to stay fresh.

1.8-2.1m / 6-7ft   £31.25
2.1-2.4m / 7-8ft   £35.50
2.4-2.7m / 8-9ft   £43.00

Norway Spruce will be only available to buy from early December, subject to availability.

We also have some Fraser Fir trees cut, usually available during December.

Over-sized Trees and Tree Delivery

If you have specific requests regarding your Christmas tree we will try and accommodate you, if possible.
We offer a tree delivery service if required; costs are dependant on the delivery location. Contact Simon Eddell, our Christmas Tree manager directly.
Any trees over 10ft tall must be ordered directly from Simon.

Simon Eddell – Email:


Rougham Estate is a proud member of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association. More information on the Rougham Estate Website.


Eco-friendly Christmas tree netting

Rougham Estate is proud to be using this 100% biodegradable Christmas tree netting to wrap our trees

  • 100% biodegradable Christmas tree netting
  • 100% Compostable in commercial facilities
  • 65% less energy used to make it than conventional netting
  • 75% fewer greenhouse gases
  • VacuBioNet® : made from plant-based starch polylactic acid, PLA

Another reason why buying a real tree is good for the planet!

Christmas Tree Care

CARE: Cut Trees

It is essential that cut trees should be fresh when purchased. The needles should not be dull and dried up. The branches should not be brittle. The outer needles should not fall off if the tree is gently shaken.
After you have bought your tree it should be kept outside in a cool shaded place, preferably standing in water, until it is required indoors.
Before bringing the tree indoors it is an advantage if about half an inch is cut off the butt in order to open up the pores of the tree. Mount it in a water-holding stand or wedge it in a bucket with pebbles, small stones or screwed up newspaper, and place it away from direct heat. Keep the container topped up with water every day; you will be surprised how much it needs.

CARE: Pot-grown trees

These are trees that have been grown for at least one season in their pots. It is often possible to lift the whole root system out of the pot and see the closely woven root which has grown in the pot. The trees themselves should look fresh. Potted trees will be small and seldom more than four feet tall. The trees should be watered and cared for as for any house plant.
After Christmas, they can also be left to grow on in their pot, but it is much better, in this case, to re-pot the tree in a larger pot. It is seldom possible to re-pot trees in this way for more than one season.
In the best case these trees would like to be planted out in the garden or some other space after Christmas, as they cannot exist in the pot indefinitely. Please remember, however, that these are potentially forest trees and will eventually reach a considerable height perhaps 60ft or 20m, so position them in the garden with care.

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