Pick Your Own Christmas Tree | Blackthorpe Barn

Pick Your Own Real Christmas Tree from the Plantation

Come to the Christmas Tree plantation near Blackthorpe Barn and choose your perfect tree. We’ll cut your chosen tree, perfectly fresh, and get it ready to be collected at the time you want it.

Sat 11 – Sun 12 & Sat 18 – Sun 19 November 2023
10am – 4pm (last admission 3.30pm)

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Cut trees will be available daily at Blackthorpe Barn from 24 Nov – 22 Dec 2023

Everyone has their own idea of the perfect Christmas tree. What could be better than going onto the plantation and choosing it for yourself, right where it has been growing for years! You can wander through hundreds of trees of different shapes and sizes until you find “the One”.

It’s a great experience and wonderful for families: very exciting for children and your dog (on a lead) is welcome to come with you too.

“We had the best day – decided it’ll be our new yearly tradition! Really well organised so thank you to all involved” – H.B.

Let us know the date you would like to collect your tree (within our opening times) and we will cut it just hours before and get it ready for you.

It costs £10 for this service (this is in addition to the normal cost of the tree).

When you come to collect your tree on your chosen day it will be ready, wrapped and waiting for you to pay for the tree and take home.

Book your time slot to Pick Your Own Christmas Tree

How it works:

  1. Book your time slot and pay online in advance for picking your own tree on the plantation (£10).
  2. Arrive at Blackthorpe Barn at the designated time and park in the second car park near the plantation where you will see a banner and the Christmas tree hut.
  3. Collect your special tree labels at the hut.
  4. When you have found your tree, tie the special label on the top so we can find it easily at cutting time and get it ready for you. Why not take a selfie with your tree!
  5. Make a note of the numbered area in which your tree is located. If you have the What-Three-Words app, make a note of the 3 Words.
  6. On your way out, stop off at the hut and tell us which numbered area your tree is in, and the What-Three-Words location, if you have it.
  7. Perhaps go to Blackthorpe Barn’s Roots Café for a warming drink after all your efforts, or for a browse around the shop or Arts & Crafts which are both open on these weekends.
  8. Head home in the knowledge that you are going to get the exact tree that you want to be the centrepiece of your Christmas festivities, freshly cut and prepared for you, ready when you want it.
  9. Come to collect your tree on your chosen date. It will be waiting for you, ready and netted in the tree sales area, to the side of the big Barn. Pay for your tree, take it home, and enjoy! (See the notes on looking after your cut tree.)

Prices for cut trees are on the Christmas Tree page and are available a week or so before the PYO tree weekends. Rough price guides are that 6ft Nordmann/Fraser Firs are approximately £45 and 6ft Norway Spruce are approximately £30. Your tree will be measured and priced according to the current exact prices.

Things to bring along on your adventure to choose your tree:
  • Warm and waterproof clothes: tree branches can be very wet
  • Gloves: some trees can be quite prickly
  • Sturdy footwear: the plantation may have mud and puddles
  • A tape measure to make sure that the tree is the perfect size to fit your house


Please Note:

For safety reasons, we cannot cut any trees in the plantations on days when the public are there and members of the public cannot cut trees themselves. The date when you choose your tree on the plantation will be at least a week or two before you can come to collect and pay for it.

Trees and the Plantation

Due to most people wanting Nordmann Fir for the long needle-retention times and softer needles, this is the predominant tree grown. However, there are other types of tree including Norway Spruce and Fraser Fir, but not in great numbers.

Due to trees being grown in cycles, the plantation is constantly evolving, with some trees being cut and others become bigger. Therefore the area from which customers can choose a tree will alter as years go by.

“We came last year for the first time and it was the best Christmas tree we have ever had!” –  L.U.
Tree Delivery

We can offer a tree delivery service if preferred. Depending on where you live, the delivery cost may vary. Please email Simon Eddell (Christmas Tree Manager) on simon@roughamestate.com or ring the Christmas Shop staff on 01359 270880 for a quotation.

If you prefer to buy a pre-cut tree, see here for information on how you can do this.

British Christmas Tree Growers Association

Rougham Estate is a proud member of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association.

Payment by Card:

In the Country Christmas Shop and Christmas tree kiosk, we accept all major debit/credit cards inc. American Express. We do not have a cashback facility.