Fashion: Hand painted silk scarves, silk art and hand-hooked textile wall hangings

Agnes Ashe designs and paints silk. The finished silk may be a scarf, a dress or a painting. Agnes also designs hooked textile pieces. She uses a mixture of painted silk, cotton, wool and mixed fibre textiles that are worked into wall hangings, rugs or cushion covers.

Much of Agnes’s inspiration comes from the medieval heritage of East Anglia where she lives. She is particularly interested in the visual culture prior to the Renaissance, before the art/craft divide. You may even spot her re-working of medieval motifs taken from architectural details, stained glass and rood screens found in the remaining medieval churches across Suffolk and Norfolk.

You will not be surprised to read that she has an interdisciplinary background with almost 30 years working with silk since attending St Martin’s School of Art, London, and a Master’s Degree in Art History from UEA.