Apothekelly Skincare

MEET Kelly Clark (Apothekelly Skincare)

Kelly creates handmade natural skincare products that actively do good for your skin and the planet. Her ingredients are carefully selected for their natural active properties and environmental impact on the planet, for example by using seed oils the product is a by-product of the fruit or vegetable. She sources as many local ingredients as possible, using Lavender essential oil that has been grown and produced in Norfolk, cutting down further on carbon emissions. She also uses locally grown and sourced sunflower oil, blackcurrant seed oil, camelina seed oil and clary sage, seaweed all grown here in the UK.

All her products are homemade and produced in small batches, so no mass producing here! She hand makes everything from labels, stationary & branding cutting down on outsourced services and saving on negative impacts on the planet.

Her products are vegan just because she believes that using animals for personal gain is wrong. She believes that cosmetic products don’t need to cost the earth, and use recyclable containers for packaging, you can either refill them or make use and upcycle them.