Fiona Kingdon – Artist in Wood

In a world full of the mediocre and mass production masquerading as art and craft, I am determined to try to skillfully make something that’s beautiful and one of a kind. So, I create art pieces suggested by the grain of the wood itself, the landscapes I love or simply weave the beauty of timber into my designs. Working with solid, native or rescued timbers, I fashion intricate images that emerge over many hours of cutting by hand with a scrollsaw. No work is perfect, nor is it able to be reproduced endlessly at the click of a button.  I push real woods beyond what is possible with laser or CNC techniques in plywood creating unique, one off pieces, in sympathy with the wood I find.

I don’t have a story of hardships overcome, or a quirky “brand Fiona” to sell you, but if you want to know a little more…

I studied Furniture Restoration and Craftsmanship but gave up my studies to get over some ill health and then bring up my lovely son. Then, I fell into working with young people with additional needs and behavioural difficulties. All along, I took sanctuary in working wood.  Making chairs, guitars and cajon drums on the side and finally decided that I needed to get back to making full time.  After a lifetime working with wood, I turned to a scrollsaw to express my art.

We live in a terrace, near a noisy dual carriageway and I work out of a draughty shed in the garden, with minimal kit. The flower festooned cottages with country views and beautifully equipped studios that seem to be a staple of artists statements, are the stuff of my dreams. But I guess that’s where my work comes from too. 🙂