Jewellery: Hand made silver and gold jewellery specialising in surface decoration with gems and pearls

Dee started her business in 1991.

Her individual jewellery is inspired by the pattern and shapes within nature. Particular exploration into the texture and feel of pieces gives each design individual character.

Dee’s use of silver, gold, semi-precious gems and pearls utilises organic forms throughout the range – made to be worn and enjoyed.

  1. 5 part hinged 4-6mm silver wire necklace with Topaz, Andalusite,
    Tanzanite and Moonstone gems and gold                                                               £350
  2. 4mm textured silver double band with London Blue Topaz set in 9ct gold              £165
  3. Silver and gold flower ring with Citrine set in gold flower. Other gems available    £189
  4. Silver flower ring with Emerald. Other gems available                                            £125
  5. Same silver flower ring, but different angle
  6. Silver bangle with 4 gems and gold balls. Other gems available                            £189
  7. Silver bangle 4mm width with 3 gems and gold balls. Other gems available          £175
  8. 4 – 6 mm silver bangle with 8 small gems and gold.
    Choose any colours you like. Random placing of gems.                                        £280
  9. 6 – 8mm small stud with Iolite. Available in most gems.                                         £65
  10. Silver Leaf stud earrings, 2.2cm                                                                              £42
  11. Small stud earrings with Rose or yellow gold, 19cmm x 19cm                                £49
  12. Silver and gold heart earrings, 0.8 x 0.4 in                                                              £55
  13. Silver drop earrings with Topaz and green apatite, 2.4 x 0.2 in                               £95
  14. Silver drop earrings with pearls and gold balls, 1.8 x  0.2 in                                    £69
  15. Stud earrings with cream pearl and gold wire, 0.7 x 0.7 in                                      £89
  16. Silver drop earrings with Iolite and Andalusite with gold balls, 2.4 x 0.2 in              £79
  17. Silver drop earrings with Topaz and gold balls, 1.p x 0.4 in                                     £75
  18. Silver drop earrings with gold, 1 x 2.4 in                                                                  £55
  19. Silver and gold daisy heart earrings,1.4 x 0.5 in                                                      £79
  20. Silver and gold open heart earrings, 1.4 x 0.6 in                                                     £39