Edgy Threads

MEET Sarah Wilkinson (Edgy Threads)

Edgy Threads products are hand crocheted using 100% recycled cotton T-shirt material. To clarify, Sarah does not use smelly old T-shirts! 

The cords are instead created using the remnants gathered from clothing factories in Europe which would otherwise end up in landfills.

The remnants are then wet shredded and braided into cotton cords. The colours come from blending the remnants rather than adding any dyes. The result is a gorgeous palette of soft, muted tones which can add an accent of colour or sit beautifully with any home decor.

Sarah says: “In early 2019 I re-discovered my childhood interest in crochet and instantly became hooked! Using various videos, websites, books and magazines I made endless shawls and blankets but still, the emotional connection was missing. My “eureka” moment came when I discovered I could crochet with a chunky recycled cord that I’d previously used for macrame. I finally realised I’d found my niche, my new obsession and at last, my passion!”