Jasmin Rowlandson

MEET Jasmin Rowlandson

Jasmin is a sculptural ceramist formally trained at Camberwell College of Arts. She makes beautiful, intricate, one-off porcelain sculptures and wall hangings that celebrates the immense beauty of the natural world.

She predominantly hand-builds work using porcelain paper clay that she developed which allows her to create delicate and fronded forms full of movement and energy.

Since graduating in 2005 Jasmin has established herself as a contemporary maker in the world of the applied arts exhibiting in prestigious shows nationally and internationally.

Jasmin has further developed her practice collaborating with architects, interior designers and designers to create large scale site-specific works. Recent projects have included collaborating with design company Haberdashery London to create several large bespoke light sculptures for Candy & Candy’s No.1 Hyde Park.

The core inspiration of her body of work celebrates the immense beauty and fragility of the natural world.

Her sculptures are explored from a feminine viewpoint and inspired by her relationship and fascination with nature, the land, water, and the environment.

Current inspirations stem from places that captivate and hold an emotional and visual pull, from certain areas of coast, reef, field, and wood. To the uninhibited growth of corals, lichens, mosses and fungi. The eroticism of unfurling flowers. The awakening of seeds confident of their purpose. The wild places under log piles housing microworlds.

She explores the rare, the everyday, the endangered, the ordinary and the spectacular