Ceramics, Jewellery and Artworks: Wearable art collaborations in 2D work of recycled work, jewellery ceramics in pictures

Kerry Richardson and Bronwyn Bakker are two creative and talented sisters. Years of art studies, and creative endeavours as individuals, have finally brought them to a place where they are now working together under the name of Keramika.

Kerry produces a range of porcelain pieces that she evolves into jewellery. This range is called Keramika Designer Jewellery. Kerry has an affordable range of porcelain jewellery available, and she also combines the porcelain with precious metals and stones, in one-off designer pieces for clients and exhibitions.

Bronwyn utilises the porcelain pieces in the creation of unique Artworks. This range is called Keramika Creations. Each picture is created individually and by hand, using various methods and materials, including hand stitching, embossing, and a variety of items such as feathers, leaves, wires, beads, etc.These are available as small and larger framed artworks. This year she has expanded the range into glass balls filled with various materials, including a porcelain piece in each, and a range of printed cards.

Their inspiration continuously evolves, and stems mainly from their love of Africa and nature.