Mixed Media

Enthused by vintage stories, rhymes, sayings and quotations Alix Swan’s work brings a quirky and amusing twist to the traditional, she loves a ‘printer’s pie’ of type (old printmaking slang for jumbled, unsorted letters!). Alix combines paper, print, graphics, textiles and found materials by cutting, sewing and assembling to produce handmade 3D-illustrations and book inspired works. She uses a computer, camera and four old typewriters. Her home is a treasure trove of found lettering and second-hand materials. She is at her happiest when working on a small, even miniature, scale and her eye for detail and finish is of great importance. With origins in the shared story times of her childhood, during her MA in Contemporary Craft in 2007 at Coventry Uni she discovered and articulated more about the universal human need for fairy tales, nursery rhymes and the importance of keeping them alive.  Find Alix’s work by clicking the ‘exhibiting on’ link where you can buy it too, happy shopping!