Fashion: Childrens reversible fleeces, jackets & tops, dresses and accessories. Ladies jackets, cushions and doorstops

I started sewing at the age of seven, taught by my mum who had the patience needed to teach my older sister and me to make garments which we could wear and be proud of.

My skills developed and I soon became hooked, enjoying the process of choosing fabric and a pattern and making from it something I could wear. At the age of 12, I made my first coat and by then I could make almost anything.

I started making children’s clothes many years ago for my own children and now design and make a range of practical, washable, reversible jackets and dresses. Lately I have started a new range of baby clothes, inspired by my grand-daughter and her friends.

The elephants and cushions were originally a way of using up odd pieces of material but now have become popular products.