Textiles: Hand dyed and printed textiles, made into wash-bags, aprons, purses and cushions

I’ve been selling work at Blackthorpe Christmas Crafts for 10 years, its a date in the calender i really look forward to. Some makers i’ve seen each year and it becomes a real social occasion as well as meeting lot of lovley customers too.

My textiles are mainly focused on the processes of dyeing fabrics such as silk, cotton & linen & then combining with various printing techniques such as devore, discharge, metallic & textured inks creating rich surface patterns. My inspiration comes from the natural world, flowers, seeds, shells & vegetables.

My hand dyed fabrics are screen printed with imagery from my drawings & sketches which I then make & sew into a selection of ‘Beautifully Purposeful’ products. My range includes aprons, cushions, table runners, wash-bags, shoulder bags, purses & pencil cases. I also make smaller items such as lavender bags, glasses cases & embroidered cards, which can be personalised for special occasions.

Every item i produce is handmade from start to finish from my home in Suffolk, every item is unique and made by hand so if theres a wash-bag design you want as an apron – then you can email me with your order equirements and a special commission can be made.

There’s more of a selection of designs, colour choices and products on my website, take a look

All items are really easy to post as textiles can fold nice & flat, it’s also possible to purchase cushion covers without pads to reduce the cost of postage