Alpaca Textiles – Local, Natural, Sustainable

It is the gentle beauty of our three alpacas and the glorious softness of their fleece that is the foundation of my work. In a world that is obsessed with speed, throwaway plastics and technology, my art is slow and sustainable, using the natural colours of the alpacas and spinning, weaving and felting entirely by hand.

At our home in the tranquil Suffolk countryside, I gather the finest fleece and create truly unique, one-of-a-kind pieces in a completely sustainable way: softly felted bowls; the cosiest of cushions, all handspun and handwoven and filled with soft alpaca fleece; luxurious nuno-felted scarves and wraps – each a perfect piece of wearable art.

I want to share the amazing alpaca softness by designing and creating beautiful yet practical pieces which can be used and enjoyed every day. In these strange times, we all deserve something special, something to bring pleasure during the dark days. I will be selling my work at a Christmas Craft Fair on Saturday 5th December in St. Peters Church, Sudbury, CO10 0EH. It would be lovely to see you there.

I usually offer a variety of textile workshops at my home in Great Waldingfield, but had to cancel many of these due to Covid. I am delighted to say that I have just started to run these again and details can be found on the workshop page on my website, but spaces are going quickly.